About us


SmartGrepp is an innovation developed to give you full control over the equipment you use during your workouts.

SmartGrepp is exactly what it sounds like; a specially designed grip that is attached around the handles of the equipment to be used for weight training. It does not matter if it is small dumbbells, large rods or other types of handles. The material is designed to fasten around both the equipment and the hands. The result is a firm and secure grip that means both increased comfort and a certainty that the equipment will work with you for optimal training. Smart, huh?


SmartGrepp uses carefully selected natural rubber. When choosing the material, the focus was a single goal: Optimal grip. SmartGrepp has been tested at the place where it will be used - the gym.

All production takes place in Sweden. When you buy SmartGrepp, you automatically contribute to shorter transport distances and the Swedish manufacturing industry. Simple and good for both you and your surroundings.

The idea behind SmartGrepp: 

My name is Christian Jansson. I have lifelong experience of training in several areas, including boxing and MMA, but above all strength training.

I, who myself am a father of many children, am one of many people who have a hard time getting enough of the hours of the day, and when I go to the gym, I want my time there to be well invested. But I often felt an irritation about not being able to maximize my training results due to that the grip around rods and dumbbells is not comfortable or that the sweat against metal causes the fingers to slip away, and you have to interrupt for retaking. It was out of that frustration that the idea for SmartGrepp was born. SmartGrepp replaces slippery, smelly gloves and straps. It's uncomplicated and straightforward. And it works. I'm convinced you will think the same. Exercise is my passion, and I refuse to compromise on what I love to do.



Founder of SmartGrepp